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Francsico Stoessel is Martina's older brother, and oldest child of Alejandro and Mariana Stoessel .As well as his sister and he is engaged in singing.

Life and Carrer

Franciso Stoessel is a model. He studied at Conservatorio de Superior de Música "Manuel de Falla" '15. He is Martina older brother and the son of Mariana Stoessel and Alejandro Stoessel. His grandparents are Christopher Stoessel and Filliena Stoessel.


  • He is the older brother of Martina
  • His parents are Mariana Stoessel and Alejandro Stoessel.
  • He is a model
  • He is 21 years old.
  • He studied at the Conservatorio de Superior de Música.
  • He can play the piano