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Jorge Gabriel Blanco Güereña is Martina's close friend. Jorge known for portraying Leon Vargas on Violetta, along with Martina Stoessel, who portrayed  Violetta Castillo.

Martina and Jorge have been friends since Violetta and they often hang out both onscreen and offscreen.The real life friendship of Martina and Jorge is often called "Jortini" (Jor/rge and Tini) by fans.


  • Jorge and Martina are just close friends. Jorge is currently engaged to an actress called Stephie Camarena and Martina is dating Pepe Barroso.
  • Sometimes, Jorge buys candy for Martina.
  • Jorge, along with Lodovica and Mercedes, used to help Martina with her homework, and Jorge usually helped her with Maths.
  • Jorge loves Martina like his own sister.
  • Jorge sometimes jokes around with Martina and calls her Vilu.
  • Jorge says that when he needs to shoot a romantic scene with Martina, he pretends she is his fiancée.[1]
  • Martina has Jorge's number listed in her phone as "Jorgito" and Jorge has Martina's number listed as "Martu".
  • One time, Jorge was full of emotion and gave Martina a big hug.
  • Both worked on Violetta en Vivo (Violetta in Concert).
  • Both were invited to participate in the U-Mix Show.
  • Jorge is Mexican and Martina is Argentinian.
  • Violetta was Martina's first TV appearance, but Jorge had participated in other TV programs before Violetta.
  • Jorge is 25 and Martina is 20.
  • They both have brown hair.
  • Jorge participated in the concert "Juntada Tinista", along with Mercedes Lambre, which was held by Martina in May 2014.
  • Both Martina and Jorge appeared in the movie Tini - El Gran Cambio de Violetta.
  • There have been rumors saying they are dating, but they have confirmed many times that they are not.
  • They both have a Youtube channel.