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Lodovica Comello (born 13 April 1990) is one of Martina Stoessel's close friends. She is known for portraying Francesca Caviglia on Violetta, along with Martina who portrayed Violetta Castillo. The two of them are close and get along really well in real life. The real life friendship of Martina and Lodovica is called "Mardovica" (Mar/tina and Lo/dovica) by fans.


  • Both have more than one tattoo.
  • Both are actresses, dancers and singers.
  • They were both part of Violetta's main cast.
  • They worked on Violetta in Concert.
  • They both have been on the U-Mix Show.
  • Lodovica is married to Tomas Goldschmidt, and Martina is in a relationship.
  • Lodovica is married, but Martina is not.
  • Both are part of the main cast of Violetta.
  • Both speak Spanish.
  • Martina is Argentinean and Lodovica is Italian.
  • Lodovica is 26 and Martina is 19.
  • Lodovica is fluent in four languages but Martina is only fluent in two.
  • Martina has brown hair and Lodovica has black hair.
  • They're both working on a solo career.
  • Lodovica has released 3 albums and Martina has only released 2.
  • Sometimes, Lodovica helps Martina with her homework, along with Jorge Blanco and Mercedes Lambre.
  • They both dubbed a character in the Italian version of "Monsters University"; Martina dubbed "Carrie" and Lodovica dubbed "Britney", both of which are cheerleaders.
  • Both ship Franletta.
  • Both have an older sibling.