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Pablini (Pabl/o and T/ini) is the real-life pairing of Pablo Espinosa and Martina Stoessel, also known as Tini.

For the pairing in the series of Violetta Castillo and Tomas Heredia, see Tomas Heredia.


  • Both can speak Spanish.
  • Both are/were in the cast of Violetta.
  • They both have some tattoos.
  • They both starred in season 1 of Violetta.
  • Pablo is 24, and Martina is 19.
  • Martina is in seasons 2 and 3 of Violetta, but Pablo isn't.
  • Pablo is Spanish and Martina is Argentinian.
  • Martina has brown hair, and Pablo has black hair.
  • Violetta was Martina's first participation in a TV program, but Pablo had participated in other TV programs before Violetta.
  • Martina and Pablo both sang the song "Tienes Todo", the Spanish version of Give It All, on Disney Channel Music Stars, in the National Auditorium Lunario in Mexico City.
  • They both used to ship Tomletta.
  • When Pablo went to a Violetta en Vivo concert, Martina took time to take a photo with him, along with Alba Rico. [1]
  • Pablo at the concert with Tini and Alba
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